Your home’s water is an extremely important part of the daily lives of you and your family. You don’t just drink water each day, but you also use to prepare food and beverages, wash dishes and clothes, bathe, and more. Contaminated, polluted, or hard water can all have a negative impact on your family, your life, and your home’s plumbing system. The professional Nampa heating contractors at J & D Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with a number of products and services to help you keep you water in the best condition possible at all times.

Water Softeners

Hard water can be a problem for both your home and your family. Water softening systems can help to improve your water quality, which reduces water contaminants and scale build-ups, and they can help to extend the life of your plumbing fixtures and appliance. The professional heating contractors serving Boise thru Nampa at J & D Heating and Air Conditioning can help to treat any problems you have with hard water by installing water softeners.

Water softeners will provide your home’s water with a number of great benefits, and our professionals will ensure that the system that your water treatment system is properly installed and fully functioning at all times.


Water Purifiers

Your home’s water is up to local and national standards, but that doesn’t mean that it’s up to your own. Water supplied across the country have been found to contain contaminants, chemicals, and other unwanted traits, so if excellent water is a priority to you and your family, then you often need to take extra steps to make sure that you’re getting it. At J & D Heating and Air Conditioning, our Treasure Valley heating contractors offer whole-house water purification systems to help you ensure that your water is clean, clear, and better-tasting than ever.


Water Treatment

The condition of your water has a major impact on how comfortable and safe your home is. The water in your home is a crucial part of you and your family’s daily life, and it’s essential to many of the tasks that you take part in on a regular basis, but you have water that’s contaminated or impure, it can cause several problems throughout your home. We’ll work with you to decide on the water treatment systems that would best suit your needs.


Water Filtration

Water filtration systems are a great way to ensure that your home’s water is in great condition. Filtration systems are a relatively simple and effective way to control and reduce a large variety of contaminants. We’ll help you select the perfect filtration system for your home, then we’ll provide you with a quality installation.


Water Quality

The professional Treasure Valley heating contractors at J & D Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with a number of different water treatment systems, including water filtration systems, purification systems, and softeners. If you’re unsure of which of these you need, or unsure of whether you need any treatment systems at all, we can provide you with water quality testing services. We’ll let you know what is contaminating your water, then we’ll provide you with our recommendations for treating the issues.



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