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J&D Heating and Cooling has been providing heating, air conditioning and indoor air services throughout the Treasure Valley area since 1961. We employ highly trained technicians whose goal is to make our company the best service company around. Why wait around? Sick of waiting on "no shows"? You want service when you need it! Fast, friendly service is just a phone call away so you won't be hanging around half of the day for "somebody" to show up at "some time", if at all.

We diagnose the problem for a flat fee, no matter how long it takes to find. We then show you exactly what the cost will be for repairs. The repair is based upon the total cost of the job itself including labor, materials, etc. It doesn't matter how long it takes, or what problems may occur in doing the job, the price stays the same.

Why J&D Heating and Air Conditioning?

  • Up Front Pricing
  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Full 2 Year Repair Warranty For All Repairs

Furnace Tune-Up Time!

sampleYou should always maintain your furnace or boiler and keep it in the best working condition so they can adequately provide heat your home. Boise furnace repair and service isn't only about making sure that your heating system works efficiently with [...]More

How Clean Is Your Air?

sampleBoise indoor air quality is notorious for being unclean and littered with mold spores and dust. Have your home air checked for quality control and possibly save your family from unwanted health issues such as asthma and respiratory hindrances. [...]More

Annual System Maintenance Program

A yearly heating and air conditioning inspection and maintenance or system rejuvenation can help add life to your system by helping it to run more efficiently. Keeping your system coils clean can also prolong the system. Give us a call today to schedule a home system inspection.

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