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Treasure Valley Heating, Air Conditioning & Indoor Air Service Specialists

Since 1961, J & D Heating & Air Conditioning has been the local leading service provider for heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services in and around the Treasure Valley area. We take this line of work seriously and that is evident in the results we get from our satisfied customers. We only employ highly trained and experienced technicians that share our goal of offering the best service around. This includes details that should be standard – such as preventing “now shows” - but also going above and beyond.

We provide you with the quality service that you want, when you need it. Fast and friendly service is right at your fingertips, all you have to do is make the call. You can expect prompt and professional service work, without waiting all day for some repair person to show up that never does. You can also feel good knowing we offer a flat fee diagnosis, which means no matter how long it takes our pros to find out the root of the problem, you pay one low rate.

Heating Repairs

Treasure Valley Heating Repairs

Another way we take care of our customers is by making it a point to offer upfront pricing. This means that we will show you exactly what the repair costs will be; based on the total cost of the job itself with labor, materials and all. Then, regardless of how long it takes or what other issues you occur along the way, that price never changes. Too many homeowners end up with financial surprises once the job is complete because the heating contractor they hired didn't commit to the estimate they gave.

We don't believe this is how business should be conducted, so we make it a point to do things differently. Our main concern is being able to address the needs of our customers, in a prompt and professional manner. Let us show you in person how our five plus decades of hands on expertise has helped us earn the impeccable reputation that we have. We promise, you will not be disappointed with the results.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

Treasure Valley Air Conditioning Repairs

When it comes to your air conditioning repairs, it is important to only work with a company that shows how confident they are about their work by standing behind it. For one thing, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Plus, we also offer a 5 Year Performance Guarantee and a 2 Year Warranty on Repairs. So you can feel good knowing that, if something should happen, we will still be there for you.

Taking care of your cooling system is essential for making sure that you can help protect the comfort, safety and well-being of your loved ones. We want to be a part of making that happen because we care about these things for you and your household, as much as you do. Give us a call today and let us take care of whatever it is that you need addressed for your air conditioner, or heating and indoor air quality.

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Indoor Air Cleaning

Treasure Valley Indoor Air Cleaning

Protect your family by enhancing the very air that they breathe. We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor air is thought to be 2 to 100 times more contaminated than outdoor air. The good news is that this is a fixable and reversible problem, all you have to do is give us a call in order to get started.

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Furnace Replacement

Treasure Valley Furnace Replacement

If you find that you are in need of a new furnace, you need to be certain the job gets done right. Too many contractors do shoddy work and that leaves you with a brand new furnace, but one that doesn't work right because the installation wasn't handled properly. Give our crew a call today in order to get the superior results that you want, need and deserve.

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Why Choose J & D Heating & Air Conditioning

There are countless reasons why J & D Heating & Air Conditioning is the best choice around. You can't last over 50 years without excelling when it comes to workmanship and customer service. Now, let us provide you with that same level of expert care and help ensure that you get the quality service and results that you need in order to care for your household, and your loved ones.

We offer the following top rate services for our local clients:

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If you are looking for Treasure Valley heating, air conditioning and indoor air service then please call 208-466-6910 or complete our online request form.